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most likely

    Sentences Contains “most likely”

    • At mid-pregnancy, feline CLs require extraovarian luteotropic signals which most likely come from the placenta.
    • Subsequently this infers that Australovenator and megaraptorids alike possessed a unique manus function most likely associated with predation.
    • Thus the observed differences in GM atrophy rates in this study were most likely not caused by pseudoatrophy, but by true differences in volume loss.
    • That is the nature of competition in Sprint Cup. And the megateam that is performing best from week to week is the one that is most likely to produce the season’s champion.
    • Consequently, the observed CYP1A induction in tissues of smoltifying Atlantic salmon most likely rely on mechanisms related to detoxification of components in the flotation chemical.
    • The docked conformation with the best idock score was selected because it was previously shown to be the most likely one closest to the crystal conformation with a redocking success rate of more than 50% on three different benchmarks.
    • Thus, a helix will persist as an independent rigid cluster during the thermal unfolding simulation until all backbone hydrogen bonds break almost simultaneously at a high temperature, which most likely represents an overstabilization of a helix.

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