United States

EN[juːˌnaɪtɪd ˈsteɪts] [jʊˌnaɪtɪd ˈsteɪts] [juˌnaɪtɪd ˈsteɪts] [juˌnaɪ̯ɾɪ̈d ˈsteɪ̯ts] [jɪ̈ˌnaɪ̯ɾɪ̈d ˈsteɪ̯ts]
    Choose the most appropriate answer for each question.
  • Question 1 :
  • Even if they managed to strike Japan, _________________ or South Korea with nuclear weapons — a big if, given that they do not have a reliable delivery system — they could not save themselves from ultimate defeat. On the contrary, the use of nuclear or other terror weapons would be certain to invite overwhelming retaliation, delivering North Korea’s decision makers to a fiery oblivion.
    1. the United States
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