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  • Examples of young
    1. Nor does he beat around the bush: Tocqueville’s cousin and confidant Louis de Kergorlay is “a young idiot” and the legitimist insurrectionist the Duchesse de Berry “one of the silliest princesses in all European history.”
    2. His leonine face scared the young children.
    3. He seemed likeable, a scrupulous, slow young man, without the disengagedness of Considine, that light-hearted, light-handed seducer who (Edward had come to believe) even shot lions negligently.
    4. The lighthearted young lovers ran over the hills.
    5. a calendar depicting young lovelies in bikinis
    6. The young couple thought of the small town they chose to live in as Mayberry, especially because of its low crime rate and excellent schools.
    7. There is no sound of megadollar derivatives transactions being finessed by conference call. Mr. Duncker retired young — at 43 in 2001 — from Goldman Sachs & Company, which he joined straight out of Northwestern University in 1982.
    8. monadiform young
  • Examples of youngs
    1. Examples of younger
      1. I used to knock around with John when we were younger.
      2. In poor families, solid cloths are passed down from elder children to kid siblings, who must wear them out or if they outgrow them pass them down to still younger relatives
      3. Our audience is getting younger and less educated, so despite the additional fabrication costs, we must simplicate the new model of this machine to improve ease of use.
      4. Parents of younger children often become upset when they are told that they cannot sit in on the psychological assessment.
      5. So, if the issue of the elder son succeed before the younger, I am king.
      6. Such at least had been the intimated attitude of Mrs. Stringham, the elder of the companions, who had her own view of the impatiences of the younger, to which, however, she offered an opposition but of the most circuitous.
      7. And when all the kids finally moved out, she and Sawyer had had plenty of...how did the younger generation put it? Bow-chicka-wow-wow?
    2. Examples of younged
      1. Medicare data was "younged" by a month to achieve conformity with the conventional completed ages recorded in the census.
      2. Shoshonitic magmatism younged southwards in the Superior Province, commensurate with the southwardly diachronous accretion of allochthonous subprovinces.
    3. Examples of younging
      1. The aging (or younging) of a population refers to the fact that a population, as a unit of observation, is getting older (or younger).
      2. Where well preserved, the pillows show cuspate lower boundaries and lobate upper contacts, defining stratigraphic younging (Fig. 3 E).
    4. Examples of youngest
      1. John's youngest is doing well at school. He's a bit of a bright spark, isn't he?
      2. My youngest child is forty-three. ‎
      3. He is a curly-haired schoolboy barely in his teens, but 13-year-old Jordan Romero from California has become the youngest person to climb Mount Everest.
      4. The traditional Thai greeting, the wai, is generally offered first by the youngest of the two people meeting, with their hands pressed together, fingertips pointing upwards as the head is bowed to touch their face to the hands.
      5. The most common symptom is a mild mottle on the youngest leaves of infected plants.
      6. Elsewhere, many of the youngest volcanic plains units onlap tesserae at crustal plateau boundaries.
      7. Their youngest son always put up a fight when it was bedtime.
      8. I may be the youngest in my family but I still resent being referred to as the baby.
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