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  • Examples of woman
    1. And, behold, a woman, which was diseased with an issue of blood twelve years, came behind him, and touched the hem of his garment:
    2. After screening her application, the office manager decided that the young woman was just another pretty face and decided to hire someone who was better.
    3. The Reform and the others dropped all the things a woman has to do like the kashruth and the mikvah.
    4. Its great development, as well as the use of many small instruments (kithara, flute, etc.), go far to prove that music must have formed a larger part of woman's domestic life than the actual records show.
    5. She's a woman of the world
    6. 1922: And the gay lakin, mistress Fitton, mount and cry O, and his dainty birdsnies, lady Penelope Rich, a clean quality woman is suited for a player, and the punks of the bankside, a penny a time. — James Joyce, Ulysses
    7. He was lusting after the woman in the tight leather miniskirt.
    8. Wilt thou kill God's officers and the king's? Ah, thou honey-seed rogue! Thou art a honey-seed, a man-queller, and a woman-queller. — Shakespeare.
  • Examples of women
    1. According to experts, about 70 percent of women experience hot flashes, weight gain, loss of libido and other symptoms as they transition from their fertile to postfertile years and their hormone levels fluctuate sharply.
    2. In addition, mean placental levels of Cd have been shown to be higher in preeclamptics versus normotensive women.
    3. The women were 29 to 46 years old at the beginning of the study in 1993, and 93 percent were premenopausal.
    4. So the same chains that had won over the preteenage, teenage and college crowd decided to tackle older women.
    5. the problem of sexual equality became even more secondary than before in the eyes of the kibbutz and of its women members.
    6. Women who lay down — lying flat, in a semireclined position or on their sides — were no more likely than those who sat upright or stood to have unexpected needs like a Caesarean section.
    7. Even today few find the concept comical, least of all in the political realm, where the notion of a mighty, semisecretive establishment —— business-suited men (and a few women) cloistered in the proverbial smoke-filled room —— still obtains.
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