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EN[ˈwʊmən] [-ʊmən]

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  • Examples of woman
    1. A young woman in a traditional black carsaf waited for the call to midday prayer on Friday outside the Mevlana Mosque in central Konya.
    2. When Susan Seligson thinks about breasts — and, since she’s a DDD-endowed (touché) middle-aged woman who’s been groped and catcalled her whole life, that’s often, too — she thinks about ... her own DDDs.
    3. The woman got a license number, child-fucker.
    4. In many cases the man's climax comes so swiftly that the woman's reactions are not nearly ready.
    5. “ [ …] That woman is stark mad, Lord Stranleigh. [ …] If she had her way, she’d ruin the company inside a year with her hare-brained schemes; love of the people, and that sort of guff.”
    6. The woman confected a home-remedy for the traveler's illness.
    7. There is a contradiction in Clarence Page's statement that a woman should have the right to choose and decide for herself whether to have an abortion, and at the same time she should not have that right.
    8. The woman was cradling the baby in the crook of her arm as she fed it.
    9. "Ah, poor young creetur," croaked the old woman; "it's a pity he's come to this."
  • Examples of women
    1. The men and women watched the man give the birdseed to the bird.
    2. Despite the fact that these women were starved and badly clad and deprived of the comforts of home, the death rate of the infants dropped steadily to an unprecedently low mark.
    3. But when the playwright Lynn Nottage spoke the first two words of the title to Congolese women in the refugee camps of Uganda in 2004, she said, they repeated them in such a way that the words became woundingly new.
    4. The six young women of its corps de ballet each extended a leg sideways, not high, but so zingingly as — you realized only in the next millisecond — to reveal the music, which only arrived in time with their feet.
    5. Fewer women wear hats these days.
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