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EN[ˈwʊmən] [-ʊmən]

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  • Examples of woman
    1. They had not reached the point of differentiating divorces, but classed them indistinctively as disgraceful incidents, in which the woman was always to blame, but the man, though her innocent victim, was yet inevitably contaminated.
    2. She looked languishingly at him as he danced with another woman.
    3. The professor spoke learnedly for an hour about his abstruse scholarship; but he couldn't string two words together to speak to the pretty woman.
    4. a woman who is menstrually unclean
    5. The woman placed her foot on his and leaped effortlessly to the steed's back, where she sat behind him pillionwise, her arms about his middle, her fur-framed face across his shoulder.
    6. When I talk of men producing and using pornography and women being portrayed in pornography, I do not suggest that all men use pornography, that no woman produces pornography or that only women are ever portrayed pornographically.
  • Examples of women
    1. Most all-female units are halfway houses, where women are sent posthospitalization.
    2. In addition, pregnant women specifically primigravidae and secondigravidae, lose the acquired semi-immunity of adulthood, and are more prone to malaria than other adults so this may also contribute to the higher prevalence found in women [ 20 ].
    3. In Texas, underscreening in African-American and Hispanic women probably accounts for their disproportionately high rates of cervical cancer.
    4. The experiment was performed on a group of 28 women with vibroacoustic therapy (30 Hz, 3 times per week, 5 minutes, 6 months of therapy).
    5. • England's women are in Euro 2009 quarter-final action against Finland at 2pm - we'll have a webfirst report on the final whistle.
    6. Both men and women were more outgoing, less intelligent, less emotionally stable, more practical, more controlled, and more tendermindedly emotional than the normative sample.
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