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EN[ˈwɪntə(ɹ)] [ˈwɪntɚ] [ˈwɪɾ̃ɚ] [-ɪntə(r)]
US, the first one

    Examples of winter in a Sentence

  • Examples of winter
    1. an open winter
    2. From his short passes to the hip-length tan winter coat he slipped on after the game, Pennington proved in myriad ways that he was all about being practical, not peacocky.
    3. Hopes for a better winter and spring — and fall — rest with a lineup of new series, a batch that the networks believe will benefit from the full efforts of writers poststrike.
    4. Seal out winter winds or enjoy summer breezes with this pre-hung extruded aluminum combination door.
    5. In winter, snow geese land at West Pond, a Robert Moses legacy that ought to be called Duck Soup: at this time of year look for ruddies, greater scaups, Northern pintails, American widgeons and gadwalls.
    6. She turned and waved a hand to him, she cried a word, but he didn't hear it, it was a lost word. A sable wraith she was in the parkland, fading away into the dolorous crypt of winter.
    7. a sharp pain;  the sharp and frosty winter air ‎
    8. In the Green Mountains of north-central Vermont, this project is the first slopeside development in Stowe, the center of a resort area long popular with weekenders — especially in winter.
  • Examples of winters
    1. [ … ] the hypochondriacal British ceramist William De Morgan, who spent winters in Florence for his health while gradually bankrupting his business back home producing iridescent mythological scenes on tiles, vases and plates.
    2. These people are buying stoves that their grandparents depended on to keep them warm in cold winters in an uninsulated house.
    3. They ski winters in the Laurentians.
    4. Some residents of Alaska suffer from cabin fever when they remain indoors throughout the long, snowy winters.
    5. “The tradecraft of the modern-day special operator, parachuting into the Hindu Kush after the Taliban ,” echoes “the efforts of men from a preindustrial community struggling through New England winters on hickory and deergut snowshoes,” Ross writes.
    6. The three U.S. states on the west coast have favorable climates (i.e., warm winters and cool summers ).
  • Examples of wintering
    1. An even more important reason for the primary is that by "summering and wintering" these candidates, New Hampshire people, as representatives of the nation ....
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