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    1. X-rays are light with a wavelength between 0.1 and 10 nm.
    2. Luckily, the members of the committee were on the same wavelength, so we didn't have endless discussions about what words meant.
    3. Appreciable scattering of cross-handed radiation occurred in the middle of the band, leaving regions near the long- and short-wavelength band edges in which scattering of cross-handed radiation was negligible.
    4. Under S-rich limit, the dopable range for EF shifting corresponds to Eu2+ doping experiments, the luminescence wavelength limit is predicted to be 659 nm (1.88 eV) remarkably close to the reported results 650 nm.
    5. What else, you tell me, can make a group of young men from various backgrounds, educational levels and races doing their National Service (aka Army) and communicating on a sama-sama wavelength?
    6. If you're an occasional shul-goer and have not yet found a home, ask your friends, people you feel are on the same wavelength as you. Go shul hopping!
    7. Moreover, we study the dependence of synthetic shadowgrams on various parameters such as the imaging system aperture, the position of the object plane and the probe pulse delay, duration and wavelength.
  • Examples of wavelengths
    1. Aphakic people are reported to be able to see ultraviolet wavelengths that are normally excluded by the lens.
    2. It is assumed that it might be possible, by subjecting an aqueous solution to selective radiation in a narrow spectrum of wavelengths at which the hydrate ion sheaths would be destroyed, to molarize the ions and separate salts from the aqueous solution.
    3. GNPs, MB, TB, GNP-MB, GNP-TB and GNP-MB+GNP-TB for 30 min followed by irridiating light of respective wavelengths for 20 min (the concentrations of various formulations were same as stated for mature biofilms).

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