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    1. One has to chuckle a bit at the sight of, in a single breath, getting borderline pedantic about the proper name for the region between anus and scrotum or vulva, and then using the term "thingy" ;) Referrence materials on hand at the moment, in all their general glory, would seem to point to either term being acceptable in casual conversation....as well as bring to mind hurried, husky whispers of "Push my choad."
    2. Gender inequality was a serious matter for the feminist performer Hannah Wilke (1940-1993), who in a photograph of her face from her “S.O.S. Scarification Object Series” (1974) sardonically calls attention to her femalehood by wearing her hair in curlers and plastering her face with small, vulva-shaped patches of chewing gum.
    3. Contour: the unique parameters of Karen’s body – beckoning vents of mouth and vulva, the soft hypogeum of the anus.
    4. The urinary meatus is the opening of the urethra, situated on the glans penis in males, and in the vulva in females.
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