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EN[ˈvɛəɹiəs] [ˈvɛɹiəs] [-ɛəriəs]

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    1. Congress evidently saw the wisdom of this and dealt with the matter in the Hawaii Omnibus Act of 1960, which took care of various postadmission loose ends.
    2. However, various structural and functional differences have been described throughout the septotemporal axis of the DG as well as between the supra- and infrapyramidal blades [32 –35 ].
    3. Various groups have also shown by sphingolipidomic analysis that several phytoceramide subspecies increased in wild type cells after hydroxyurea treatment.
    4. These plant protection products are currently used in various crops (including tomato) worldwide and the two spinosyns are also authorized for organic farming.
    5. With phenotypic heterogeneity, diverse linkage signals, and risk loci identified in various studies, etiological and genetic heterogeneity has been suggested across subsyndromes and different populations.
    6. Our study demonstrates that paediatric telenephrology is a viable option of the long-term follow up of children, adolescents and young adults with various renal disorders, including those after kidney transplantation.
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