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EN[ˈvɛəɹiəs] [ˈvɛɹiəs] [-ɛəriəs]

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    1. Suppose two powerful, industrialized countries, called Usonia and Russonia, compete by mean of capital exports and other forms of "aid" for influence in various underdeveloped countries, typified by Thirdonia.
    2. He would have been lonely but for the comradeships of the various clubs to which he belonged.
    3. The various intermixings of natives, immigrants, and tourists gave the city a cosmopolitan air.
    4. A prime object of that attention was a recording of Mendelssohn’s Violin Concerto in E minor with Herbert von Karajan and the Berlin Philharmonic from 1980 (Deutsche Grammophon, now in various CD packagings).
    5. One need only think of various Eastern pantheisms in the Hindu, Buddhist, and Taoist traditions or of the Western pantheisms associated with negative theology.
    6. There are various signages at the park entrance, and other places within the park.
    7. He employed his physician, Judah Morea, one of these converts, to draw up the famous astronomical tables, commonly called the Alphonsin; and likewise enjoined upon him the task of translating various Arabian treatises into Castilian.
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