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    1. A typed variable can only store one kind of data.
    2. We use an unsigned variable to store the employee's salary, since it will never be less than zero.
    3. variable winds or seasons; a variable quantity
    4. a voltagelike variable
    5. When the condition expression is false, the thread blocks on the condition variable.
    6. We'll never reach break-even if our variable costs are higher than our selling price.
    7. In dealing with certainty choices, standard economic theory treats utility (intensity of preference) as an ordinal rather than a cardinal variable.
    8. The conditional entropy of random variable given (i.e., conditioned by ), denoted as , is equal to where is the mutual information between and .
    9. In the equation z = x2 + y, z is the dependent variable.
  • Examples of variables
    1. In many programming languages, numeric values are not assignable to string variables.
    2. Global variables are evil; storing processing context in object member variables allows those objects to be reused in a much more flexible way.
    3. Global variables keep support engineers employed. ‎
    4. In quantum mechanics, observables correspond to Hermitian operators. Also, they act a lot like random variables. Taking their average one may recover something resembling a classical observable.
    5. After adjusting for prepregnancy weight, smoking status and other variables, the average birth weight of babies in the decaf group was a statistically insignificant one-half ounce higher than that of babies in the coffee-drinking group.
    6. Global variables must not be altered by reentrant code.
    7. Many economic models have superneutral money, with neither inflation nor change in inflation affecting non-monetary variables.
    8. Frequency distributions of some of the variables indicate the existence of bimodalities.
    9. Instead of depending on random variables, the index of clumpiness K depends on several factors involved in the spatial distribution of galaxies.
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