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EN[juːs(t).tu] [juːs(t).tə]

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  • Examples of used to
    1. I'm getting used to this climate.
    2. Ceramic can be used to insulate power lines.
    3. Louise and I used to head down to the coffee shop and just sit for hours and kibitz.
    4. I used to knock around with John when we were younger.
    5. Tokyo is a wonderful city, once you get used to living on top of one another.
    6. I used to have allergies but I outgrew all of them.
    7. When we used to get home late at night, I would play possum so my daddy would carry me inside and put me in bed.
    8. In an article published in 2008 [Gérard] Mourou proposed an alternative means of achieving atomic fusion. He now believes that fibre lasers could be used to transmute elements, as a way of disposing of highly radioactive waste from nuclear power stations.
    9. I used to write short stories, but these days my inspiration has run dry.

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