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    1. Table 4 Pre- and post-treatment UES sagittal diameter at cricopharyngeal muscle Measures are made in mm, during bolus passage in videofluoroscopy.
    2. We used videomanometry as an objective measure and the Swedish version of Sydney Swallowing Questionnaire as patient’s self-assessment at baseline and 1 and 6 months after treatment.
    3. Once there is detection of BK viruria and viremia, the treatment strategy for BKV infection is not uniform and will need further investigation.
    4. Survivor bias commonly weakens observational studies, even those published in premier journals. It occurs because patients who live longer are more likely to receive treatment than those who die early.
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    1. The main treatments now for osteoporosis are drugs called bisphosphonates, like Actonel, Boniva and alendronate, the generic version of Merck’s Fosamax.
    2. Since the development of fiber optics, treatments utilizing catheterization have replaced some former surgical procedures.
    3. This latest discovery should eventually lead to much better treatments for disease.
    4. The Ancients widely regarded linseed as a source of medical treatments
    5. She started out requesting microdermabrasion facial treatments and has since added Botox shots and Restylane filler injections to her medspa repertoire.
    6. Second, some of the precultures used by Iglesias-Rodriguez et al., particularly those in high-CO2 treatments, may have experienced nutrient limitation at the time of transfer to the experimental flasks.
    7. Over-the-counter ED treatments are a poor substitute for prescription sex drugs or good old weed.
    8. Cancer survivors who got radiation treatments as children have nearly twice the risk of developing diabetes as adults.
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