traitor Examples

EN[ˈtɹeɪtə(ɹ)] [ˈtɹeɪɾɚ] [-eɪtə(r)]

    Examples of traitor in a Sentence

  • Examples of traitor
    1. Sire, do I have your permission to execute this traitor?
    2. the quarterization of a city, or of a traitor's body
    3. … a citizen in Cheapside was executed as a traitor for saying he would make his son heir to the crown, though he only meant his own house, having a crown for the sign, more dangerous it is to wit-wanton it with the Majesty of God.
  • Examples of traitors
    1. Go muster men. My counsel is my shield; We must be brief when traitors brave the field.
    2. The captain spaced the traitors.
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