EN[θɹɛd] [-ɛd]

    Examples of thread in a Sentence

  • Examples of thrid
    1. to thrid one's way through a wood
  • Examples of thread
    1. As an avid button collector, I have had to develop an efficient way of removing the nubbin of thread from the button hole.
    2. The unifying thread is a kind of magpie postminimalism, which invigorates familiar abstract strategies — grids, serial repetition, reductive forms — using materials scavenged from everyday life.
    3. to querl a cord, thread, or rope
    4. Maybe you should read the whole fucking thread before posting such crap! There are arguments against top or bottom posting...even if after reading the thread you decide to keep shitposting, you should not say its trivial!
    5. to snarl a skein of thread
    6. 1966: I reached out and snicked a white thread that hung from her sleeve. — John Fowles, ‘The Magus’
    7. The thread is stripped.
    8. We drilled a hole and then cut the threads with the proper tap to match the valve's thread.
    9. Tap an M3 thread all the way through the hole.
  • Examples of threads
    1. The cloak was shot through with silver threads.
    2. This fool is starting to make me feel stabby. Coming back to one of his threads is like a scab you want to pick but you just know it will get infected, yet you feel oddly compelled to see just how much of a fool he has made of himself.
    3. He walked. To the corner of Hamilton Place and Picadilly, and there stayed for a while, for it is a romantic station by night. The vague and careless rain looked like threads of gossamer silver passing across the light of the arc-lamps.
    4. With great clarity, she steadily and captivatingly unwinds the complicated threads of her narrative, explicating formidable scholarship while keeping the twins at the fore.
    5. The synchronize keyword locks out all other threads trying to access the object
    6. We drilled a hole and then cut the threads with the proper tap to match the valve's thread.
    7. First, underground pipes carry used water away from the hotels and offices and into a king-size garbage grinder (comminutor), two parallel screws whose threads are knife blades big enough and strong enough to mince any solids into tiny pieces.
  • Examples of threaded
    1. The threaded steel...Flies swiftly.
    2. The point guard threaded a pass with pinpoint precision to the power forward for an easy dunk.
    3. The seamstress threaded the needle to sew on a button.
    4. In this picture he is performing his famous Yogi trick of swallowing a package of needles and some thread and extracting the needles threaded. ‎
  • Examples of threading
    1. These raw emotions and unpolished behaviors are placed against the seductive, perfected armor of the kisaeng, whose skill as the ultimate purveyors of fantasy is belied by the almost caustic loneliness threading through their poems.
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