EN[tɔːnt] [-ɔːnt] [tɑːnt] [-ɑːnt] [tɔnt] [tɑnt]

    Examples of taunt in a Sentence

  • Examples of taunt
    1. He's a scrappy dog and will charge at you if you taunt him. ‎
    2. a ship with taunt masts
    3. But before they went, Sir W. Batten and my lady did begin to taunt them, but the rogues answered them as high as themselves, and swore they would come again, and called me rogue and rebel, and they would bring the sheriff and untile his house, before he should harbour a rebel in his house, and that they would be here again shortly.
  • Examples of taunts
    1. What do the polished inhabitants of Carrubber's close care for all the taunts that can be uttered by the mouths of all the tobacco-chewing, bacon-eating bagmen who chatter no intelligible language of any country, about "gardy loos," and Caledonian cremonas?
    2. “Earth to Kimi, holla back,” Yvonne taunts after I miss another easy serve.
    3. He namedrops the Thundercats, Punky Brewster and “hammerhead sharks in Bermuda,” describes his car as looking “like Almond Joy” and taunts, on “Ain’t I (remix),” “The choppers in the trunk will make you do the Macarena.”
  • Examples of taunted
    1. In this detailed, jigsawlike procedural, which cracks open the unsolved case of the symbol-mad killer who taunted and terrorized the Bay Area in the late '60s and early '70s, the thrill and confusion of the chase gives way to the slow burn and the haunting clarity of defeat.
    2. Being markedly different as a teenager can get you taunted; as an adult it can make you famous.
    3. He taunted the Knicks instead with hanging jumpers, impossible fadeaways and layups in traffic.
  • Examples of taunting
    1. The teacher accused the bullies of barbarianism when she caught them taunting the girl in a wheelchair.
    2. The schoolgirl drew stares from outsiders because of her long pastel dress and upswept hairdo, and her brother once got into a fistfight with a group of Gentile and LDS boys who had been taunting him and his sister, calling them "plygs".
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