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    1. Without Soviet support surrounding the missile crisis, Cuba's military would have been merely a bonsai army and they would have quickly succumbed to any serious invasion from the west.
    2. The chocolatier's gorgeous creations wooed the surrounding neighbourhood.
    3. The codifferentiation of myoepithelium and its basement membrane is associated with changes in the surrounding stroma.
    4. Safety advocates counter that the same arguments about enforceability pervaded the discussion surrounding seat belt laws but that those laws, even when they were not vigorously enforced, led to widespread behavioral changes.
    5. They fished the surrounding lakes for the dead body.
    6. The atmosphere at Upton Park before kick-off reflected the palpable tension surrounding the club right now
    7. She was born into a family of Indian royalty, maharanas who call themselves “custodians” over the region surrounding the city of Udaipur in India and who trace their lineage back 1,500 years through 77 generations.
    8. Very reduced P 2 , broad upper molars with welldeveloped cingulum surrounding the crowns, very slight hypocone swelling on M 1 and M 2 and strongly reduced paraconule and metaconule, lingually bent paracone and metacone on M 2 .
    9. Though surprised, I quickly explained that the problem was probably myopericarditis, where inflammation of the surrounding membrane can partially involve the heart muscle.
  • Examples of surroundings
    1. They remain oversensitive, continually recoiling from the world, or undersensitive, banging into things, duck-walking through the day as if not entirely aware of their surroundings.
    2. The villagers lived in unhealthy surroundings.
    3. Conduct antisurveillance: survey your surroundings to be sure no one is surveying you.
    4. The building, towering over its surroundings with its square concrete frame and reflective walls of gold-tinted glass, was an eyesore visible throughout the city.
    5. Myth was the product of man's emotion and imagination, acted upon by his surroundings. (E. Clodd, Myths & Dreams (1885), 7, cited after OED)
    6. [ …] and help individual skywalkers feel at home in their new surroundings. Many times, Seitz said, pedestrians will feel ill at ease on a skywalk at first because they have lost their street corner orientation.
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