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EN[ˈsʌmə(ɹ)] [-ʌmə(ɹ)] [ˈsʌmɚ]

    Examples of summer in a Sentence

  • Examples of summer
    1. The earth soon warms on a clear summer day.
    2. [The biography] also displays a rather wearing fidelity to chronology that gives rise to too many summer holidays at the beginning of the book and too many royalty statements towards the end.
    3. Perhaps it was this atmosphere of misplacedness and loneliness as much as anything which led her to speak to him one evening in early summer when the office had closed.
    4. From the city sidewalk, there are few summer sights more archetypically urban than the face glimpsed in an open window, gazing silently out at the street.
    5. It gets blazes hot here in the summer.
    6. Noche Flamenca, which returned to Theater 80 in the East Village last week for its summer season, does a pretty good job of all this even if its new program, “Aldaba,” is heavily weighted toward the rawly emotional side of flamenco, with mixed results.
  • Examples of summers
    1. As a teenager he worked as a cowboy for several summers on a ranch in Arizona, and he continued to ride horses nonprofessionally all his life.
    2. A few summers ago, an evil pyracantha shrub that blocked some of its sunlight was sacrificed in its honor.
    3. Summers believes that quantitative easing (printing a lot more yen and getting them circulated) is the most effective way of doing that.
    4. North of the Alps, you can have heat and sun--but some summers (if you go far enough north) you can also be bogged in by rain and enough chill that you have to go out and buy wool hats.
  • Examples of summering
    1. An even more important reason for the primary is that by "summering and wintering" these candidates, New Hampshire people, as representatives of the nation ....
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