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    1. Thus, ROS is involved in many bioactions, such as phagocytosis, mutagenesis and genotoxicity [87 ].
    2. New strains of cannabis such as skunk are certainly selectively cultivated but are not "genetically modified"; there are no clandestine biotechnicians altering the DNA of cannabis plants.
    3. To improve the objectivity of the study, measuring equipment such as cutometers, durometers, and chromameters could have been used, but time and cost needed to be taken into account [ 9 ].
    4. This protocol is essential in the work-up of tumors and inflammatory diseases, such as the previously mentioned schwannomas, epidermoids, cholesterol granulomas, paragangliomas and transtegmental masses.
    5. Such metalloproteases have been reported as allergen from certain pathogenic molds such as Aspergillus fumigatus (Asp f 5) [38 ] and are popularly known as fungalysins.
    6. Infections caused by helminthes, such as parasites of the Ancylostomidae family, can provoke anemia due to chronic intestinal blood loss [40 ,41 ].

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