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    1. It was not the days of drudgery in the rice fields but the hours of off time that most shaped the contours of slave culture.
    2. The anterior edge of the maxilla is strongly concave at the base of the ascending process leaving a crescent-shaped portion of the supraoccipital process of the frontal anterior to a well-defined transverse orbitotemporal crest.
    3. The parabasisphenoid is a large, pentaradiate structure with a long, slender cultriform process that is V-shaped in transverse section, with the apex of the outline oriented ventrally.
    4. Main minerals detected were Na-rich plagioclase (possibly albite), calcite/aragonite, phyllosilicates and, occasionally, zircon, namely subangular to euedrally shaped (S7C Fig ).
    5. Vesicle elongated, globose, oval-shaped, slightly granulose, with long macrosetae.
    6. We distinguish three types of flakes that reflect the principal changes of the state of the shaped tool, from the unworked raw material volume to the finished tool, passing through the roughout and preform phases.
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