EN[ˈsɛk.ʃən] [-ɛkʃən]

    Examples of section in a Sentence

  • Examples of section
    1. The work involves extensive civils and p/w since, the track has to drop from the present embankment level, some 5m above the adjacent road, to the floor level of the new tunnel [the 'cut & cover' section of which, is, I guess, about 10m below it.
    2. In the last section I proposed to broaden contrastivism with respect to admissible kinds of third relata while in the first section I proposed to restrict it with respect to kinds of knowledge.
    3. They are in the under-$20 section, which includes a display of scented candles and diffusers.
    4. Under each heading, you will find a discussion section.
    5. Some of the violin playing was inaudible during this section, and there was an ensembling problem between horn and trombone [ … ] .
  • Examples of sections
    1. The micronuclear genes, which are normally inactive, are split into multiple sections, with lots of interrupting DNA, called internal eliminated sequences, between the coding regions.
    2. Alex McLeish, perhaps mindful of the flak he has been taking from sections of the Villa support for a perceived negative style of play, handed starts to wingers Charles N'Zogbia and Albrighton.
    3. In fact, Tucker's use of parallel motion and open fourths as a central motivic element particularly reminded me of Stravinsky's sacred music, especially the quieter sections of Symphony of Psalms and the Mass.
    4. It includes everything from modulars that arrive in just a few sections — complete with attached walls, flooring and even finishes — to what are called panelized homes, which are delivered in smaller pieces.
    5. The first of the four continuous sections into which the work is divided begins with high pitchless percussion.
    6. From my vantage point in one of four bleacher sections, the dancers tearing across the larger stage in the distance evoked images of brightly plumaged birds.
    7. A stereotaxic atlas is a collection of sections of the brain with coordinates for stereotaxic surgery.
    8. New York, and later, Chicago were superdominant major centers for entire sections of the country. It is easy to understand how they grew into the main centers of jazz.
    9. One is to underground where no other alternative will work, and this method should be used universally in urban regions as it now is in “downtown” sections.
    10. They played the remaining sections attacca.
  • Examples of sectioned
    1. The glands were sectioned and processed for paraffin (Histosec Pastilles, Merck, Darmstadt, Germany) or glycolmethacrylate embedding (Technovit 7100, Heraeus Kulzer, Wehrheim, Germany).
    2. Samples were embedded in Eponate12 kit, polymerized at 70°C for 48 h, trimmed, sectioned at 70 − 90 nm, poststained in saturated uranyl acetate and lead citrate, and examined with a transmission electron microscope (Philips CM12).
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