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EN[ˈrɔɪəl] [-ɔɪəl]

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  • Examples of royal
    1. Custom required that the royal family and the whole Court should be present at the accouchement of the Princesses.
    2. Tis not to sit In place of worship at the royal masques, Their pastimes, plays, and Whitehall banquetings, For none of these, Nor yet to be seen whispering with some great one, Do I affect the favours of the court.
    3. In Tudor days, the royal bargemaster was a notable courtier, responsible for taking the king’s party to many places along the Thames
  • Examples of royals
    1. [ … ] a caption by two 1740s Meissen plates ($27,500 for the pair) notes that they belonged to Saxon royals and have a pattern often mislabeled as a crouching lion but “in reality a tiger prowling amongst prunus.”
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