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    1. She was quite rightly disappointed in not being promoted. ‎
    2. "What ye will not that other men should do unto you, that do ye not unto other men." "From this one doom," comments Alfred, "a man may bethink him how he should judge every one rightly: he needs no other doombook."
    3. Mother very rightly resented the slightest hint of condescension. She considered that the exclusiveness of Peter's circle was due not to its distinction, but to the fact that it was an inner Babylon of prodigality and whoredom, [ …] .
    4. we shall find a spot that is sheltered and snug enough, sir. There is a dry fir-wood just ahead, if I remember rightly.
    5. And if, as Mr. Ma rightly said, hybridization can lead to creativity, it can also lead to hokiness at times, and there was a touch of that in what remained of the orchestration here.
    6. Not able rightly to conceive of this admirable opifice of God. — The Mathematicians' Apprenticeship.
    7. On the way home in the trap, that night, the uncle started to cnawvshawl. "Houl', you hoor," said Dan, "there's a woman as has been watching your nephew this while will be rightly annoyed now that he's promised.
    8. The other team was so good! We were creamed, and rightly so.

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