EN[ɹaɪt] [ɹaɪʔ(t̚)] [ɹeɪt] [ɹeɪʔt̚] [-aɪt]

    Examples of right in a Sentence

  • Examples of right
    1. Hit's right airish out today.
    2. All right, let's go then.
    3. All right! They scored!
    4. All right, so what you suggest we do next?
    5. All right, let's get started.
    6. All right, already! Let me finish what I was doing first, and then we can talk.
    7. All right, mate, how are things with you and the missus?
    8. The car is all right. It gets me there, anyway. ‎
    9. That went all right, I suppose.
  • Examples of rights
    1. In 2002, he was investigated on suspicion of ordering the killing of Digna Ochoa, a human rights lawyer who represented antilogging activists in Guerrero.
    2. I bought the car as is, so the seller was within his legal rights to refuse to repair it when it broke down after two days.
    3. Access to finance is deeper and wider under better institutions (more transparency, better property rights) in more developed financial markets, and in an environment less distorted by taxes, unnecessary regulations, and other avoidable costs.
    4. To take her from austerer check of parents, / To make her his by most devoutful rights. — Marston.
    5. The claimant believed his First Amendment rights had been violated, but the judge was unsure of whether it was a First Amendment issue.
    6. Ivor had acquired more than a mile of fishing rights with the house ; he was not at all a good fisherman, but one must do something ; one generally, however, banged a ball with a squash-racket against a wall.
    7. Some rights are more global than others; social rights in particular do not seem to globalise easily.
  • Examples of righter
    1. The other two [...] are in a righter-than-thou pissing war. -- Geov Parrish, [2] [3].
  • Examples of righted
    1. The tow-truck righted what was left of the automobile.
    2. When the wind died down, the ship righted.
  • Examples of righting
    1. Righting all the wrongs of the war will be impossible.
    2. A self-righting life raft
    3. In short, his wits being quite gone, [Don Quixote] hit upon the strangest notion that ever madman in this world hit upon, and that was that he fancied it was right and requisite, as well for the support of his own honour as for the service of his country, that he should make a knight-errant of himself, roaming the world over in full armour and on horseback in quest of adventures, and putting in practice himself all that he had read of as being the usual practices of knights-errant; righting every kind of wrong, and exposing himself to peril and danger from which, in the issue, he was to reap eternal renown and fame.
  • Examples of rightmost
    1. Start with the rightmost one and work towards the left.
    2. She tried the rightmost door first.
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