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  • Examples of resistance
    1. Chemotherapy resistance in ABC DLBCL might potentially be overcome by pharmacologic inhibition of MCL1, as treatment with the BH3-mimetic obatoclax induced apoptosis in MCL1-positive ABC DLBCL models.
    2. Our data suggest the silencing of dCK as the probable causative mechanism of the resistance to fludarabine and of the cross-resistance to other antinucleotides, both pyrimidine- and purine-derived.
    3. Our data suggest that inhibition of NEDDylation may be a useful strategy to resensitise tumour cells in patients that have acquired carboplatin resistance.
    4. He often spoke of his methods as political, that he was fighting racial oppression and countering the injustice of the Drug War. His resistance to the anti-meth efforts and institutions was hypercognized, carefully considered, and successful.
    5. After selection for apramycin- and thiostrepton- resistance, six conjugants were picked out randomly and verified by PCR with a primer set as med12-qc1/med12-qc2 (Table 1 ).
    6. However, studies have suggested that NAFLD can also develop in the absence of marked insulin resistance and increased adipose tissue lipolysis [41 ], and that hepatokines may be involved in the cross-talk between liver and extra-hepatic tissues [42 ].
  • Examples of resistances
    1. This is due to the evolution of multiple resistances to several classes of commonly used insecticides, including nereistoxin analogues, organochlorines, organophosphates, pyrethroids, and phenylpyrazoles [ 8 ].
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