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  • Examples of resistance
    1. The kitten cosied up to the gruff old hound, and all resistance disappeared.
    2. In all recipients, distant drug resistance markers streptomycin (SmR; rpsL104), chloramphenicol (CmR; recA::cat(FRT)), and/or nalidixic acid (NlR; gyrA96) were used for counterselection.
    3. Resistance was also reported for cymoxanil and propamocarb.
    4. It contains 11 dimensions: conviction, preoccupation, interference, resistance, dismissibility, absurdity, self-evidentness, reassurance, worry, unhappiness and pervasiveness [38 ].
    5. Resistance development to pexiganan, melittin and iseganan was registered in Staphylococcus aureus after two weeks of exposure [26 ].
    6. Todd's speed-of-light spinning is even more impressive when you consider that he must overcome the tremendous amount of wind resistance produced by his massive manbulge!
  • Examples of resistances
    1. This is due to the evolution of multiple resistances to several classes of commonly used insecticides, including nereistoxin analogues, organochlorines, organophosphates, pyrethroids, and phenylpyrazoles [ 8 ].
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