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  • Examples of reinforcement
    1. He delivers a sales pitch for an "antigravitational reinforcement device with remote control.
    2. The mother did not realize that by giving her son candy every time he cried was positive reinforcement.
    3. According to the definition originally proposed by Jastreboff, misophonia is not to be considered a pathology or a psychological/psychiatric problem. Therefore, misophonic reactions could be induced in any person by creating an association between specific patterns and any type of sounds with negative reinforcement: it is enough that certain sounds regularly accompany situations of emotional stress [ …]
  • Examples of reinforcements
    1. I don't know how much longer we can last without reinforcements. ‎
    2. As the military expert Anthony Cordesman, who has advised the U.S. Army in Afghanistan, explained in The Washington Post recently, it requires “a significant number” of U.S. reinforcements and time to do what the Kabul government has failed to do, because it remains “a grossly overcentralized government that is corrupt, is often a tool of power brokers and narco-traffickers, and lacks basic capacity in virtually every ministry.”
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