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  • Examples of recta
    1. A yellowiſh ſemen is generated in the vaſcula ſerpentina, is ſent down into the vasa recta, and thence depoſited in the rete under the albuginea.
    2. Long and almost straight vessels (vasa recta), into which the efferent vessel of those tufts situated at the bases of the pyramids, divides.
  • Examples of rectum
    1. Rectal tracheal gills: lamelliform structures in the rectum of the nymphs of some Odonata, supplied with trachea and tracheoles and serving as respiratory organs.
    2. [ …] i didnt appreciate you trying to donkey punch me the other night. that shit hurts. still got a bruise on my mother fuckin head. i wont even start about my rectum...
    3. If fecal incontinence is caused by impacted stool in the rectum, the impaction must be removed.
    4. 1968: ‘Gomez,’ said the mortician, ‘is an expert only on the involutions of his own rectum.’ — Anthony Burgess, Enderby Outside
    5. The parameter of the principal axis of a conic section is called the latus rectum.
    6. Bleeding from colonic diverticula is caused by rupture of the underlying vas rectum.
    7. Once the uterus and the cervix were removed, the anatomical relationships between the remnant organs changed, with a posterior displacement of the urinary bladder and an anteriorization of the rectum, which would partially cover the vaginal stump.
    8. In contrast, HIV target cells and cell-associated gp340 frequently, but not always, co-localized periluminally in simple columnar epithelia of the colon/rectum and endocervix (C, D) .
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