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    1. For example, kalicludin 1-3 from A. sulcata binds competitively to Kv1.2 channels to paralyse the prey rapidly.
    2. In these, highly active enteric-coated granules, pellets, or minitablets are to be found in gelatin capsules which disintegrate rapidly (2-3 min) in the stomach regardless of the pH.
    3. Another small molecule, Hsp104, a protein disaggregase, can rapidly resolubilize denatured protein aggregates and restore function of proteins.
    4. First, these results demonstrate that the prototype method can be rapidly applied to construct an efficient phagosensor to detect Salmonella enterica Typhimurium.
    5. The tissues were rapidly homogenized using a polytron, and 800 ¼L of 1% Triton X-100 was then added.
    6. Even among the (rapidly disappearing) survivors of his generation, Yank Rachell is nearly alone in his persistent use of traditional, even preblues forms.
    7. Rapidly proliferating thyrocytes are likely more vulnerable to mutagens such as radiation, chemical carcinogens and oxidative stress, and may accumulate a higher number of genetic alterations.
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    1. "One of the most bittersweet joys in model aviation is an out of sight flight by a Free Flight model. While we all strive for our models to fly as well as we can, it is possible to have a model fly too well. Well trimmed, and with a bit of luck, a model can be caught in a thermal and climb to beyond the limits of our vision. It is the purpose of a dethermalizer to effect a change in the geometry of a model, such that it descends more rapidly, yet still safely. Getting the DT to activate after a target time is the job of a DT timer." ~ Thayer Syme. Reprinted with permission.

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