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  • Examples of puppy
    1. They're only teenagers; it's hard to take their puppy love seriously.
    2. The lonely puppy began to whimper as soon as we left the room.
    3. The puppy let out a yelp when I stepped on her tail.
    4. The dying puppy was revived by a soft hand.
    5. pup → puppy
    6. I wanna puppy!
  • Examples of puppies
    1. So the Swetmans were grateful to get an appointment at a temporary free clinic for their latest two puppies, even if there were no slots left in the oversubscribed five-day program for their eight older unspayed females.
    2. My bitch just had puppies: they're so cute!
    3. A bitch lined by a mangy dog is very liable to produce mangy puppies, and the progeny of a mangy bitch is certain to become affected some time or other.
    4. Newborn puppies should not be separated from their mother and littermates.
    5. I have another two dozen of these puppies to finish before I can go home.

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