EN[-aɪd] [pɹəˈvaɪd]

    Examples of provide in a Sentence

  • Examples of provide
    1. I geocode my customers' addresses to provide them with more relevant promotional material.
    2. Good Cromwell, neglect him not; make use now, and provide for thine own future safety.
    3. It is difficult to provide for my family working on minimum wage.
    4. Don't bother bringing equipment, as we will provide it.
    5. We aim to provide the local community with more green spaces.
    6. (obligation): Citizens shall provide proof of identity.
    7. Custom Java apps and CU-SeeMe feeds will provide interaction with the battery of soigné psychics.
    8. Sizing the acetabulum on an orthogonal lateral view of the acetabulum will provide additional insight on sizing, particularly in the nonhemispheric acetabulae.
    9. Obama transition officials have said that the president-elect's proposed middle-class tax cut -- called "Making Work Pay," which would provide $500 for individuals and $1,000 for couples by reducing payroll tax withholdings -- is "nonnegotiable."
    10. We believe that this study could provide a basis for developing angiokinase inhibitors having high affinity for the epidermal growth factor receptor, from the pyrimidine scaffold.
    11. They provide the apicobasal polarity of tubular cells and regulate the paracellular flux of molecules between urine and interstitium.
  • Examples of provides
    1. As climate risks increase, multiperil insurance is slowly creeping into the toolbox and the white paper provides $29.9m for farm insurance advice and risk assessments for products like multiperil.
    2. Day care provides that crucial off-time for the caregiver, and it can be a fun, low-pressure, social experience for the care recipients if the older person enjoys socializing and if the clientele are compatible with the older person.
    3. A PNG bridge provides a permissive, directional substrate to encourage and guide long-distance regeneration, and resident Schwann cells provide trophic support and can remyelinate the axons.
    4. Those who prioritise scorestreaks are using Nomad’s Rejack ability, which provides a death-defying injection of nanoparticle serum: if an opponent manages to kill you, you can bring yourself back from the dead and continue your current streak.
    5. This provides an alternative mechanism for the documented large-scale river captures in the east-Tibetan drainage [69 ], previously suggested to be a record of a late uplift event [26 ] perhaps related to subcrustal processes and dated as Miocene or later.
    6. Dynamic MRI provides an additional diagnostic tool outside of open biopsy in delineating between pseudoprogression and tumor progression.
    7. In addition to the calories from macroconstituents, mother’s milk also provides the infant with immunoglobulins, minerals, hormones and oligosaccharides [ 11 ].
  • Examples of provided
    1. You can go to the party provided you finish all your homework first.
    2. All the little amenities the hotel provided made our stay very enjoyable.
    3. By seven-thirty she had breakfasted them, provided each with a packed lunch and Thermoses of coffee and tea
    4. 1970: After a preliminary course in anatomy it was found that caecum and transverse colon also provided excellent sites for excitation. — JG Ballard, The Atrocity Exhibition
    5. The guard-rail provided the channel between the downed wire and the tree.
    6. The pavilion's tour de force is the private theater, which provided the emperor with a cozy perch to view chaqu, a form of opera invented by a commoner that became all the rage in 18th-century Beijing.
    7. A round archway at the far end of the hallway provided communication to the main chamber.
    8. Compensators ensure less heat is provided to a room on a warmer day. They may be implemented mechanically, electronically or in software.
    9. The area occupied by the works should be coned off and the usual advance warning signs should be provided on all approaches
  • Examples of providing
    1. Professor Bramwell told BBC News that the development is unlikely to catch on as a means of providing energy, not least because the particles travel only inside spin ices. -- 'Magnetic electricity' discovered, BBC News online, 14 October 2009
    2. We have found that with adequate internal egg-crating, no killing agent is needed, and providing that the light is set to go out about dawn no damage due to restlessness is caused to the moths inside.
    3. NA-specific immunity has been shown to limit the spread of influenza virus, thus reducing disease symptoms and providing cross-protection against heterosubtypic viruses in mouse challenge experiments.
    4. Interestingly, some of them contain chemical scaffolds already associated with other metalloaminopeptidase inhibitors, providing a further validation of the computational results.
    5. Non-invasive monitorization was performed to minimize the possibility of triggering an inflammatory response, providing hemodynamic stability and comparable blood gases in invasively monitored animals during the 4 hours experimental period.
    6. We show how our Python interface outperforms the existing text-file-based configuration mechanism, providing features like automatic nondimensionalization of physical quantities and handling of complex parameter dependencies.
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