EN[-aɪd] [pɹəˈvaɪd]

    Examples of provide in a Sentence

  • Examples of provide
    1. We provide examples, for a cold atom system, for which our thermometry protocol retains accuracy and precision at subnanokelvin temperatures.
  • Examples of provides
    1. Space research often provides a spin-off for everyday technology.
    2. I find that for me, my sponsorship of a child via a charitable NGO provides a sense of great satisfaction.
    3. In this approach, a source of parametric superfluorescence (an OPG with optical gain of 10 10 to 10 12 ) provides the seed pulse (energy 10 to 100 nJ) for subsequent parametric amplification (with an OPG with optical gain of 10 3 to 10 5 ).
    4. The government provides support to the arts in several ways.
    5. The new research provides further support for our theory.
    6. 2009 February 13, Drake Bennett quoting James Scott, “The mystery of Zomia”[1], The Boston Globe, Boston: The reason, Scott says, is that swiddening provides a freedom that fixed agriculture does not.
    7. The tablespace provides a layer of abstraction between physical and logical data.
    8. The <title> tag provides a title for the Web page.
    9. The contract provides that the work be well done.
  • Examples of provided
    1. All the little amenities the hotel provided made our stay very enjoyable.
    2. By seven-thirty she had breakfasted them, provided each with a packed lunch and Thermoses of coffee and tea
    3. 1970: After a preliminary course in anatomy it was found that caecum and transverse colon also provided excellent sites for excitation. — JG Ballard, The Atrocity Exhibition
    4. The guard-rail provided the channel between the downed wire and the tree.
    5. The pavilion's tour de force is the private theater, which provided the emperor with a cozy perch to view chaqu, a form of opera invented by a commoner that became all the rage in 18th-century Beijing.
    6. A round archway at the far end of the hallway provided communication to the main chamber.
    7. Compensators ensure less heat is provided to a room on a warmer day. They may be implemented mechanically, electronically or in software.
    8. The area occupied by the works should be coned off and the usual advance warning signs should be provided on all approaches
    9. The store provided a veritable cornucopia of modern gadgets.
  • Examples of providing
    1. As for 2010 in the new stadium, the Jets are not providing specific sales figures for suites, club seats with personal seat licenses or nonclub seats because, they said, it was too early to know.
    2. Tavern on the Green always has been and will continue to be committed to providing a safe, nondiscriminatory, nonretaliatory work environment for its employees, the vast majority of whom have been with the restaurant for more than a decade.”
    3. Apple's plans also represent a strong challenge for the BlackBerry range, which was, until now, the only realistic way of providing access to corporate email on the move.
    4. Now this most indispensable of all necessaries, after physical nutriment, cannot be had, unless the machinery for providing it is kept unintermittedly in active play.
    5. In the assessment of substances for toxic characteristics acute toxicity is usually a first step in providing information on relative toxicity.
    6. Extensive upgrades to the Arecibo antenna will be completed this spring, providing dozens of Toutatis-quality detections per year, spacecraft-quality images of the closest approachers, and hundred-pixel images of dozens of main-belt asteroids ( 9 ).
    7. The developers of Cobol made explicit recognition of this problem by providing an environment division for programs, into which as many as possible of the machine- dependent aspects of a process are collected.
    8. The council is providing funding to the church to repair the roof.
    9. He says he'll be spending the £5bn available to him to "jump-start" the capital's stalling housebuilding market in pursuit of his target of providing an additional 50,000 "affordable" homes over the next three years.
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