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EN[-aɪd] [pɹəˈvaɪd]

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  • Examples of provide
    1. “We’re mainly focusing this new law at multitenant buildings; only 25 percent of those building owners provide recycling for renters.”
    2. Federal law mandates that at least one nongroup insurer in your state must provide coverage to everyone, regardless of health issues.
    3. We are willing to provide one hundred percent mortgages.
    4. Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann and Tom Brokaw will provide predebate coverage at 6.
    5. Naturally, closed-end funds’ common shareholders love the juice that auction-rate preferreds provide.
    6. Only prudent expenditure may provide quality within a restrictive budget
    7. The trumpet seat in the band will go to Wallace Roney on Friday and Duane Eubanks on Saturday; Abraham Burton will provide a saxophonic foil.
    8. City birds are often semidomestic, depending on humans to provide food and habitat.
    9. [ …] the 7-month moving averages provide better smoothing of the data in this case than do the 3-month moving averages.
  • Examples of provides
    1. This not only provides guidelines for the improvement of graphene devices, but also opens a new research area of engineering graphene grain boundaries for highly sensitive electrobiochemical devices..
    2. As climate risks increase, multiperil insurance is slowly creeping into the toolbox and the white paper provides $29.9m for farm insurance advice and risk assessments for products like multiperil.
    3. Day care provides that crucial off-time for the caregiver, and it can be a fun, low-pressure, social experience for the care recipients if the older person enjoys socializing and if the clientele are compatible with the older person.
    4. A PNG bridge provides a permissive, directional substrate to encourage and guide long-distance regeneration, and resident Schwann cells provide trophic support and can remyelinate the axons.
    5. Those who prioritise scorestreaks are using Nomad’s Rejack ability, which provides a death-defying injection of nanoparticle serum: if an opponent manages to kill you, you can bring yourself back from the dead and continue your current streak.
    6. This provides an alternative mechanism for the documented large-scale river captures in the east-Tibetan drainage [69 ], previously suggested to be a record of a late uplift event [26 ] perhaps related to subcrustal processes and dated as Miocene or later.
  • Examples of provided
    1. Caprylocaproyl macrogol-8 glycerides (Labrasol®) and glyceryl palmitostearate (Precirol® ATO 5) were provided by Gattefossé (Montesquieu, France).
    2. The government provided tax relief on pension contributions.
    3. In 2012, the American Brachytherapy Society (ABS) provided an updated consensus guideline on patient selection, workup, treatment, postimplant dosimetry, and follow-up.
    4. We propose to implement a prerecruitment training programme to ensure that the RAs are competent and reliable in conducting the CAM assessment, using validated procedures provided by the instrument developer, who is a member of the study team.
    5. The procedure also provided other subcellular fractions (e.g. kinetoplasts) that could be used in further subproteomic studies such as quantitative experiments and the identification of post-translational modifications in specific subcellular fractions.
  • Examples of providing
    1. “The timbales are for providing accompaniment, backup for the group; and a good timbalero must have a strong left hand to play the tumbao and pailas or cascara,” he said, referring to different rhythmic patterns in a measure.
    2. People doing the tracking can locate the trackees through a Web or cellphone interface or by calling the company’s toll-free number and providing the operator with a password.
    3. Stilton works brilliantly with parsnips, providing a savoury richness which feels a little more special than common or garden yeast extract.
    4. This supermarket chain adopts several families every Yuletide, providing them with money and groceries for the holidays.
    5. The school system cannot raise teachers' salaries, so they are providing better benefits as an effort to up the ante.
    6. Professor Bramwell told BBC News that the development is unlikely to catch on as a means of providing energy, not least because the particles travel only inside spin ices. -- 'Magnetic electricity' discovered, BBC News online, 14 October 2009
    7. We have found that with adequate internal egg-crating, no killing agent is needed, and providing that the light is set to go out about dawn no damage due to restlessness is caused to the moths inside.
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