Examples of promotion in a Sentence

  • Examples of promotion
    1. He was very excited about his promotion.
    2. Instead of a promotion, I opted for a lateral move to a similar position in the marketing department.
    3. Sandy Alomar Jr. cleared waivers and was outrighted to Class AA Binghamton in preparation for his promotion when rosters expand Saturday.
    4. Your promotion to manager is revocable if you do something wrong.
    5. The satisfactory results of the survey led to his promotion.
    6. Ever since his promotion, they’ve been living high on the hog.
    7. It's a big deal to him to get this promotion.
    8. The new managing director must be making big bucks after his promotion.
    9. If someone gets a promotion that might not be deserved, it could open up a whole can of worms with the other employees.
    10. The promotion of cycle helmets causes the dangerisation of cycling.
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