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    1. If someone gets a promotion that might not be deserved, it could open up a whole can of worms with the other employees.
    2. The promotion of cycle helmets causes the dangerisation of cycling.
    3. The two men began to feud after one of them got a job promotion and the other thought he was more qualified.
    4. With my promotion this month I will continue my steady journey to the top of the food chain.
    5. Joe got that promotion because he was a kiss-up, not because he knew the job.
    6. Yes, I watched Joe kissing-up to that fat-ass and was very annoyed when he got my promotion!
    7. His chronic lateness will cost him a promotion if not his job.
    8. On receiving the news of his promotion, Charles Snodgrass said he was delighted to be entering his majority.
    9. to overslaugh a military officer (= to hinder his promotion or employment)
    10. I'll have to give myself a promotion! ‎
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