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  • Examples of preparation
    1. Sandy Alomar Jr. cleared waivers and was outrighted to Class AA Binghamton in preparation for his promotion when rosters expand Saturday.
    2. If a performant happens to be on unfriendly terms with any one in the village, the performant does everything to get him reconciled long before the preparation is taken in hand.
    3. prefield preparation for a linguistic study
    4. Simon Hart of the Daily Telegraph has tweeted that the prodigal triple-jumper has come home, in preparation for tomorrow's qualification round.
    5. He always becomes reflective in preparation for the new year.
    6. To the preparation, then: vegetables softened in butter, lots of Guinness, thick chunks of second-cut brisket — breast deckle, as it’s called in some of New York’s better precincts (where trotter gear, by the by, is known as trayf city).
    7. The weeks leading up to the convention were a whirlwind of preparation and hurried activity.
    8. The presence of the dihydro-Smith subunit is exploited in the preparation of bisligand systems 61 and 63 by reaction of DAPC 54 with bis-alkene 6 or "U"-shaped 62, respectively.
    9. the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism
  • Examples of preparations
    1. There was a certain laxness in safety preparations that made the fire worse.
    2. I shall insensibly go on from a rare to a frequent recurrence to the dangerous preparations. — I. Taylor.
    3. She really went to town with the party preparations.
    4. No one to look at her preparations, and admire her deft-handedness and taste!
    5. Chromosome preparations were made following standard procedures including a 3.5 hours colcemid treatment, hypotonization, and fixation in 3: 1 methanol:acetic acid.
    6. Primary screening of the immunotropic activity of aloe preparations elaborated by V.P.
    7. Stoichiometric release of 6-amidino-2-naphthol allowed highly sensitive fluorometric estimation of active-site concentration in preparations of matriptase and tryptase.
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