Examples of preparation in a Sentence

  • Examples of preparation
    1. To the preparation, then: vegetables softened in butter, lots of Guinness, thick chunks of second-cut brisket — breast deckle, as it’s called in some of New York’s better precincts (where trotter gear, by the by, is known as trayf city).
    2. The weeks leading up to the convention were a whirlwind of preparation and hurried activity.
    3. The presence of the dihydro-Smith subunit is exploited in the preparation of bisligand systems 61 and 63 by reaction of DAPC 54 with bis-alkene 6 or "U"-shaped 62, respectively.
    4. the commission, preparation or instigation of an act of terrorism
    5. Carol's funny story about her son's first efforts at cooking flanken meets with silence from Frances, who confesses ignorance of both the dish and its preparation.
    6. In the year 1847 Pettenkofer1 investigated the preparation of the antique hæmatine, an opaque red glass, and in the preparation of this material he obtained by accident avanturine glass.
    7. After preparation, the chef will plate the dish.
    8. The traditional remedy is a bitter preparation made from steamed herbs.
  • Examples of preparations
    1. Preparations for the president's arrival made for a frenzied week.
    2. martial preparations
    3. noncultured cell preparations
    4. Otic preparations are used to treat infections of the ear canal.
    5. They really went overboard with the party preparations. ‎
    6. Each bride-to-be fires pranky missiles at the other’s marriage preparations.
    7. After a supper of various preparations of garden veg, fresh pasta with chanterelles and butter and "an arseload of parmesan," we head outside to the bonfire.
    8. Other items to be discussed include fixturing from 2012 onwards, preparations for this year's scheduled Champions Trophy and the Indian Cricket League's bid for recognition from the ICC.
    9. In the opinion of the community at large Stephen's forehandedness in the matter of preparations for his marriage was imprudence, and his desire for neatness and beauty flagrant extravagance.
    10. There was a certain laxness in safety preparations that made the fire worse.
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