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EN[ˈplʊə.ɹəl] [ˈplɔː.ɹəl]

    Examples of plural in a Sentence

  • Examples of plural
    1. ( in the plural ) The relationship between people whose siblings marry each other.
    2. "Are" is the first-person plural of the verb "to be".
    3. The word pigs consists of two morphemes: pig (a particular animal) and s (indication of the plural).
    4. The word werewolves' consists of four morphemes: "were" (~ man), "wolf" (a particular animal), "es" (plural), and " ' " (indicating possessive).
    5. Those scissors are sharp. (indicating singular or plural scissors)
    6. "habt" is the second person plural of the German verb "haben"
    7. "Are" is the second-person plural of the verb "to be".
    8. siloviki (plural) the security services which make up one wing of the Russian government.
    9. siloviki (plural) security-service personnel from any country or nationality.
    10. "Are" is the third-person plural of the verb "to be".
    11. “Banana” has three a’s and one b. (apostrophe "s" used so that the plural of “a” is not confused with the word “as”)
  • Examples of more plural
    1. Although the nation was far more plural than Canada in the number of its Christian groups
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