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    1. Over a period of months, it became apparent that she had developed allergylike responses to scores of pervasive substances [ … ] .
    2. Altricial young are typical among carnivores, which might be expected to be hampered in their hunting behaviour if the pregnant mother has to carry its young for a long period.
    3. “We believe we can still address our legitimate interests in security, innovation and antifraud efforts with this shorter period,” Peter Fleischer, Google’s global privacy counsel, wrote in the letter.
    4. Apyrexial period. — Brande & C.
    5. If any beneficiary does not survive the Settlor for a period of 30 days then the Trustee shall distribute that beneficiary’s share to the surviving beneficiaries by right of representation.
    6. Under the most favorable circumstances a period of from six weeks to two months will be necessary for the treatment, before the formation of the cicatricial callus and the establishment of a firm union between the tendinous stumps.
    7. I cut fifth period to hang out with Angela. ‎
    8. a decussated period
  • Examples of periods
    1. It was one of the most critical periods in our annals. -- Edmund Burke.
    2. Human bocavirus was detected using the respiratory virus panel fast assay and real-time PCR. Of the 1,823 nasopharyngeal samples, 104 (5.7%) were positive for hBoV; a similar prevalence was observed in all three periods studied.
    3. According to these authors a second network of cinguloopercular regions, including anterior prefrontal and anterior cingulate cortices, is responsible for maintaining task sets across longer time periods.
    4. Research with non-human animal species provides evidence that deafness during the neonatal and extended periods beyond, results in loss of normal cochleotopic organization.
    5. Such conditions are unfavourable for the installation and flourishment of a fauna and flora over longer periods of time.
    6. To adhere to withdrawal periods the main time for flukicide treatments is during the dry period for spring-calving herds, which in Ireland coincides with housing during November until February in the majority of the herds.
    7. America’s first “foliologist,” Scotty Johnston, has announced predictions for the best color periods throughout the United States and Canada.
    8. Our results support this scenario, but we find that ensuing warming periods also provide gateways that allowed the common ancestor of the elwesi-species group to disperse intercontinentally.
    9. The question also remains of where the bacterium survives in interepizootic periods (or indeed, through gerbil population crashes), which may itself be controlled by abiotic environmental conditions.
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