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    1. In the postcolonial period, democracy alternated with military rule.
    2. the postinvasion period
    3. During the early, pretheater period (ca. 700-1350), both religious and secular performing arts prospered.
    4. Dark roast means that the coffee bean has been roasted to a higher temperature and for a longer period of time than in light roast.
    5. Following the period of patent parasitemia is a subpatent period.
    6. Sometimes they have to pour immense amounts of sand — like a million pounds in a six-hour period — into a well under superhigh pressure [ … ] .
    7. Instead of focusing on a specific period, he said, use furniture that has “a beefy, substantial silhouette, rather than something that’s very thin and ultradelicate, which will look dwarfed in most modern environments.”
    8. Kennan’s unillusioned and often bleak assessment of America’s capacity to shape the world according to its wishes was, save for a brief period at the dawn of the cold war, too harsh a medicine for Washington’s policy makers to swallow.
  • Examples of periods
    1. To adhere to withdrawal periods the main time for flukicide treatments is during the dry period for spring-calving herds, which in Ireland coincides with housing during November until February in the majority of the herds.
    2. America’s first “foliologist,” Scotty Johnston, has announced predictions for the best color periods throughout the United States and Canada.
    3. Our results support this scenario, but we find that ensuing warming periods also provide gateways that allowed the common ancestor of the elwesi-species group to disperse intercontinentally.
    4. The question also remains of where the bacterium survives in interepizootic periods (or indeed, through gerbil population crashes), which may itself be controlled by abiotic environmental conditions.
    5. For nor'west diurnal periods of similar extraterrestrial irradiance (EI), the nor'wester's potential influence tends to increase with the reduction of Qr* by cloudiness.
    6. This great astronomer had discovered the orbitational periods of Jupiter and Mars.
    7. Given the example of sponges, macropredators are capable to consume large amounts of sponge biomass in short time periods and are fast moving animals that do not spend much time at one prey individual.
    8. The cardiac intervals were averaged for the baseline, ritual, and postritual periods and were then converted into heart rate (HR) for the ease of reading.
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