Examples of payment in a Sentence

  • Examples of payment
    1. You can't afford this house. Your PITI payment would be too high for your income.
    2. Often the goal is to create a nest egg to cover college or postgraduation expenses, like the down payment on a house, seed money for a start-up company or a subsidy for a low-paying first job.
    3. There should be some consideration (i.e. payment or exchange) to raise a use. ‎
    4. We have no record of you making this payment to us.
    5. The letter warned of an impending shutoff if payment was not made promptly.
    6. check stub, ticket stub, payment stub
    7. My payment hasn't gone through yet.
    8. He was more than willing to extend the terms of the loan, but his boss decided to play hardball and demanded a balloon payment.
    9. When our companies merged, I rewired our payment processing system to handle their invoices as well.
  • Examples of payments
    1. subsidiary payments to an ally ‎
    2. For the first time, the arrests broadened beyond payments to police, with a Ministry of Defence employee and a member of the Armed forces held by police before also being bailed to a date in May.
    3. He failed to make payments on time and is now in default.
    4. If you do not make your payments, you will default on your loan.
    5. His mortgage payments left him short on dough.
    6. Although physical imports exceeded exports, when invisible exports were accounted for the balance of payments was healthy.
    7. With revenues down and transfer payments up, the legislature has a full plate.
    8. Typically, owners who have missed three mortgage payments or more and whose lenders have filed suit are considered to be in preforeclosure.
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