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  • Examples of part
    1. As part of genoframe we have identified the genetic underpinnings of the driver neurons.
    2. The last two genospecies are etiologic agents of almost all LB cases in Russia, which encompasses the greater part of the range of B.
    3. We thus cannot exclude that the increase of follistatin immediately after the race at least in part was due to hemoconcentration.
    4. He is, in large part, responsible for the hipification (some may say the crassification) of the neighborhood, a district east of SoHo and south of the East Village.
    5. As a part of that network, holdase chaperones are able to communicate with other chaperones in the network, to achieve refolding of misfolded clients.
    6. Other unique phenotypic features in our case were strabismus, severe oral apraxia, and joint hyperlaxity, which are all supposedly part of the phenotype of this de novo KCND3 mutation.
    7. More precisely, an infimal convolution model is applied to split the corrupted 3D image into the clean image and two types of corruptions, namely a striped part and a laminar one.
    8. The poriferous zone at its broadest part is five eighths of the width of the interporiferous area. The interporiferous zone is widest at the margin, and is there a little more than twice the width of the broadest part of the poriferous zone.
  • Examples of parts
    1. To expedite their arrival they would air ship the parts.
    2. Because of their urgency the agent will air-freight the parts.
    3. The whole comprises the parts. ‎
    4. Archaeological evidence has demythologized some parts of the Bible.
    5. The motions of the minute parts of bodies [ …] are to be deprehended by experience. — Francis Bacon.
    6. divide up the cake into 5 equal parts
    7. The chemical monofluoroacetate occurs in all parts of Dichapetalum cymosum, and is responsible for its toxic effects. ‎
    8. The parts should be regreased regularly.
    9. Still, we are wondering whether now is the time to replace some windows or invest in the bigger job of reinsulating the older parts of our 1914 house.
    10. After putting the coated parts together, Jon waited for the chemical adhesive to resinify
  • Examples of parted
    1. The dogs however parted, and after a little handling by their seconds immediately returned to the charge
    2. They clasped hands and parted as friends.
    3. They parted with a fistbump and Hector turned for home.
    4. Palmer parted the towering saltgrass and pickleweed downwind of the elk.
    5. The two friends parted ways at the intersection.
    6. When faith and love, which parted from thee never, Had ripined thy iust soul to dwell with God. --Milton.
    7. two-blocks , two-cleft , two-forked , two-parted
  • Examples of parting
    1. Proponents of buycotting see these premiums as pure political expression: citizens’ parting with money to refine the world.
    2. a Kathleen Mavourneen parting: a parting of two people who may not see each other again for years, if ever
    3. But I could use it as a murse for the show if you're parting with that ole thing.
    4. Like a game show contestant with a parting gift. I could not believe my eyes. - Blues Traveler, Runaround
    5. Parting is such sweet sorrow.
    6. We came to a parting of the ways because of our different ideas about what should be done to move the company forward.

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