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  • Examples of paint
    1. to slapdash mortar or paint on a wall
    2. Duchampian too are the so-called “devices” paintings, which have rotatable wooden discs, with squeegeelike arms for smoothing arcs of paint, affixed to their surfaces.
    3. A properly prepared surface is susceptible of an enduring paint job.
    4. This paint isn't dry yet; it's still a bit tacky. ‎
    5. He gave a tongue-in-cheek explanation of why the sky was blue, offering a theory about some primordial discount on light blue paint.
    6. Paint the house white with blue trim.
    7. I tried mixing more white paint to get a lighter shade. ‎
    8. a waterbased paint
    9. Jim's aunt only uses watercolours to paint her pictures.
    10. zoomy but faded paint jobs
  • Examples of paints
    1. In all these he paints only the one woman, of concentrated, unconsidering passion, ready to sacrifice heaven and defy hell for a guilty man, beloved in spite of religion or reason.
    2. Jim's aunt paints beautiful watercolours.
    3. The levels of lead in marine hull paints are still unacceptably high.
    4. Drying oils are used as the bases of many paints and varnishes.
    5. Although it is both transitive and intransitive, paint is not an ergative verb, because when we say "Bob paints", this is very different from when we say "Bob gets painted".
    6. 2008 May/Jun, Erin Barnes, “Glossed Over”, E: The Environmental Magazine, volume 19, number 3, page 21: Every day we are exposed to low doses of phthalates in food containers, perfumes, hairsprays, floorings, paints, toys and medical devices.
    7. No two mixings of these paints are ever the same.
    8. She paints and powders.
    9. Turpentine or mineral spirits can be used as a thinner for oil based paints.
  • Examples of painted
    1. Large-scale projects such as motion-picture production use huge sets with seamless painted walls, cycs, and floors—not to mention a vast array of lights.
    2. Sometimes the spatters extend a significant distance above other painted figures.
    3. The painted desert, painted turtle
    4. A painted lady
    5. On the 11th Century glass bowl above, the painted figures—winged genii, nude athletes and brawny soldiers—resemble mythological characters but may be only lighthearted mimicry of ancient Greek or Roman subjects.
    6. The surgical area was painted with batticon.
    7. This could have been avoided by the simple process of suspending egg crating made of timber or some other solid material painted black with the light fittings above it.
    8. They found these seeds and painted faces on them,” she says, picking up a long sausage-like fruit fallen from the kigelia trees.
    9. The results showed that a short arm of a bi-armed macrochromosome pair was painted with GGA3 and a long arm with GGA5 and GGA7 in most species.
  • Examples of painting
    1. He took up painting with his wife.
    2. He managed to talk his way out of painting the fence.
    3. You must wash the wall down well before painting.
    4. Artist Tim Patch - also known as "Pricasso" - of Australia, has an unorthodox method of painting
    5. Martin Maloney 's painting, Sony Levi, with its assured cack-handedness and considered vacuity can stand as an emblem of the movement.
    6. Tube color diluted with acrylic medium lends itself especially well to drybrush painting.
    7. Poonah painting; a Poonah brush; Poonah paper
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