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EN[peɪnt] [-eɪnt]

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  • Examples of paint
    1. She accidentally rubbed up against the painted door and got green paint on her blouse.
    2. You can scrape the paint off using a sharp blade.
    3. Fresh paint and some new curtains would do a lot to spruce up this dark room.
    4. The paint looks good, but I don't know if it will stand up to years of weather.
    5. Use a small brush to touch up the paint anywhere it is uneven.
    6. I expected his new play to be as good as the last, but it was like watching paint dry.
    7. Origin (...) have used the canvas of a Doom-like first-person 3-D engine to paint a master work of their own in this comic-book action game.
    8. I wonder now if I've under-achieved because of this attitude. I didn't write, paint etc. because it was expected that I would. So I bloodymindedly wanted to do something else.
    9. After Eva and her Mommie carefully paint cookies, Daddy and his "Snicklefritz" find the perfect little pine tree.
  • Examples of paints
    1. In all these he paints only the one woman, of concentrated, unconsidering passion, ready to sacrifice heaven and defy hell for a guilty man, beloved in spite of religion or reason.
    2. Jim's aunt paints beautiful watercolours.
    3. The levels of lead in marine hull paints are still unacceptably high.
    4. Drying oils are used as the bases of many paints and varnishes.
    5. Although it is both transitive and intransitive, paint is not an ergative verb, because when we say "Bob paints", this is very different from when we say "Bob gets painted".
    6. 2008 May/Jun, Erin Barnes, “Glossed Over”, E: The Environmental Magazine, volume 19, number 3, page 21: Every day we are exposed to low doses of phthalates in food containers, perfumes, hairsprays, floorings, paints, toys and medical devices.
    7. No two mixings of these paints are ever the same.
    8. She paints and powders.
    9. Turpentine or mineral spirits can be used as a thinner for oil based paints.
  • Examples of painted
    1. This could have been avoided by the simple process of suspending egg crating made of timber or some other solid material painted black with the light fittings above it.
    2. Beck - who has the sort of rubbery, chucklesome face that should ideally be either a) cast as the goonish sidekick in a bad frat house sex comedy or b) painted on a toilet bowl so you could shit directly on to it - has become famous for crying live on air, indulging in paranoid conspiracy theorising, and labelling Obama a "racist" with "a deep-seated hatred for white people or white culture".
    3. They found these seeds and painted faces on them,” she says, picking up a long sausage-like fruit fallen from the kigelia trees.
    4. The results showed that a short arm of a bi-armed macrochromosome pair was painted with GGA3 and a long arm with GGA5 and GGA7 in most species.
  • Examples of painting
    1. That painting looks nice. ‎
    2. With 80 works ranging from folksy illustrations to precisionist Dutch-inspired landscapes and loose 20th-century abstractions, it offers a minihistory of American painting but also challenges tired notions about watercolor as an amateur’s medium.
    3. She newspapered one end of the room before painting the bookcase.
    4. The shock was multiple: Not only was this immense, furry orangeness a painting, it was interactive; you could run your fingers through its color.
    5. I've been painting since I was a young child.
    6. Artistic painting often takes longer than utilitarian house &c. painting. ‎
    7. Some artists, like Michelangelo, excel in both painting and sculpture. ‎
    8. That painting is an almost exact replication of a famous Rembrandt painting.
    9. The restoration of this painting will take years.
    10. Remember to sheet the floor before you start painting.
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