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EN[ˈɔːɹəl] [ˈɒɹəl] [-ɔːɹəl]

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    1. A Japanese man who is tried before a German court is assisted by an interpreter in making oral statements.
    2. BTW, as long as we're talking about losing one's job over oral sex, should Newt be kicked out of the House for the, err, lewinskying he got from one of his female aides?
    3. The content of survey include oral hygiene state, gingivitis, periodontitis, dental caries, agomphosis, dental prosthesis, leukokeratosis.
    4. It was also reported that Mfa1 fimbriae are essential for coadhesion and community formation with oral commensal bacteria such as Streptococcus gordonii [11 ] and for survival within human myeloid dendritic cells [15 ].
    5. Many common infections are spread by fecal-oral transmission.
    6. Other unique phenotypic features in our case were strabismus, severe oral apraxia, and joint hyperlaxity, which are all supposedly part of the phenotype of this de novo KCND3 mutation.
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