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  • Examples of occur
    1. The police had a stakeout in place where they expected the crime to occur.
    2. Structural failure will occur in three minutes, 30 seconds.
    3. During this process it is possible that additional mutations occur in one of the transformed cells, which then may result in a subclone of cells with a more aggressive behavior.
    4. In reservoirs characterized by the presence of well-connected high-permeability streaks, early breakthrough and subsequent water buildup occur due to sweepage along high-permeability channels.
    5. When objects are brought into thermal contact, the macroscopic properties may initially change but after some time no further changes will occur.
    6. Detached sidewalks generally occur in residential areas and are normally separated from the curb by a tree lawn.
    7. Readers enter the storyworlds of novels and then follow the logic of the events that occur in them primarily by attempting to reconstruct the fictional minds of the characters in that storyworld. Otherwise, readers lose the plot.
    8. The liftoff will occur in exactly twelve seconds. ‎
  • Examples of occurs
    1. We have no direct evidence that excystation occurs while the chromatoids are present. The amoeba illustrated in Fig. 27 may be excysting with chromatoids. However, this may also be artificial excystation produced by fixation.
    2. Stalactite often occurs fistuliform. — W. Philips.
    3. Heterotropic pregnancy occurs when intrauterine and ectopic pregnancies coexist.
    4. Mass-energy conversion occurs during nuclear fusion and fission.
    5. If your sport makes you prone to violent neck motions, you are at risk for a pinched nerve. A pinched nerve occurs when a cervical disc ruptures, and the jellylike material from inside the disc presses on a nerve.
    6. Dance or nondance, everything that occurs is both superficial and intense, even when Mr. Cassella cries out “Encourage me!” while repeatedly pulling Ms. Workum toward him with quasisexual emphasis.
    7. the fishy, trainy off-flavor which occurs in European cultured butters
    8. If automatic error trapping is on and a trappable error occurs then the program is terminated.
    9. Called anesthesia awareness, it occurs when patients wake up during surgery because they are underanesthetized.
  • Examples of occurred
    1. Balanchine's production gives us images and steps that would never have occurred in 1774, and yet on one level "Chaconne" is a distillation of the French Baroque spirit in all its ultraelegant subtlety.
    2. He had been multiplying, but it occurred to him he needed to resolve the exponents, first. ‎
    3. A complex mixture of adducts arose from the reaction of isobenzofuran 67 with Smith’s diene (4) as addition occurred nonstereospecifically at both p-centers of 4.
    4. The conversion occurred posttranslationally.
    5. Reaction of DAPC 54 with 4 again occurred stereoselectively at the cyclobutene-1,2-diester moiety to produce 56
    6. According to your testimony, you were supposedly at home watching TV when the murder occurred.
    7. According to your testimony, you were supposively at home watching TV when the murder occurred.
    8. (abstract) I went to the theater and had an accident. (the event occurred during the trip there and back)
    9. (concrete) I went to the theater and had an accident. (the event occurred at the theater)
  • Examples of occurring
    1. nonnaturally occurring chemical elements
    2. In the defining statement "A lake is a large, landlocked, naturally occurring stretch of water", "lake" is the definiendum, "stretch of water" is the genus, and "large", "landlocked" and "naturally occurring" are the differentiae.
    3. In the defining statement “A lake is a large, landlocked, naturally occurring stretch of water”, “large, landlocked, naturally occurring stretch of water” is the definiens.
    4. high-fructose maize syrup is not a naturally occurring ingredient which troubles me, so I always prefer unprocessed cane sugar, but I'm still not putting down my Coke, call a hypocrite but I wont!
    5. Therefore, in 1885 Congress passed the Major Crimes Act whereby jurisdiction in the case of seven major crimes (the list of crimes was later expanded) occurring on Native lands was placed in the hands of federal courts.
    6. Here, we have demonstrated that the two naturally occurring human CYP4B1 isoforms, with/without insSer207, have no 4-IPO bioactivating ability.
    7. Indeed, safe intradiscal injection of thermoresponsive CXB-loaded and unloaded pNIPAAM MgFe-LDH hydrogels was demonstrated in a large animal model, i.e., chondrodystrophic dogs, with naturally occurring IVD degeneration.
    8. Complications such as palirrhea and diarrhea occurring after operation may further aggravate dystrophy.

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