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EN[ˈɒb.dʒɛkt] [ˈɑb.dʒɛkt] [əbˈdʒɛkt] [-ɛkt]

    Examples of object in a Sentence

  • Examples of object
    1. As our object was rather to enjoy the music of the chase, than to capture the deer, they shouted and hallooed as he entered the water, and he wheeled back, and went tearing in huge affright through the woods, up the island again.
    2. In object oriented programming, the accessor function is not usually expected to change any data in the object.
    3. The German ubu, as well as the French bibou, is also used for bug-a-boo, hobgoblin, or any other fantastical, terrific nocturnal object.
    4. One well-known category has sets as objects and functions as arrows.
    5. Object-oriented C++ code is easier to understand for a human than C code. ‎
    6. «Let J be an index category which has an initial object I. Let F be a diagram of type J in C. Then category C contains a cone from F(I) to F.»
    7. A sentence may be constructed with a subject, verb and object.
  • Examples of objects
    1. This familial relic may be rich with meaning, but when it comes to objects, Mr. Demand is not an investor but a divester.
    2. Unscrambling the dogpile of objects can be messy.
    3. Landscape gardening or landscape architecture is the art that seeks the production of the most beautiful landscape effects, ensembling the various objects of interest into a grand whole and harmonious unit.
    4. Today, even as Mr. Haeg is putting his beloved geodome on the market and deaccessioning unnecessary objects, there is one thing he is hanging onto.
    5. During the haunting, strange voices and noises were heard and objects flew off tables.
    6. Most critics group Lanyon with the Chicago imagists, artists who use ordinary objects and meticulous detail to explore fantasy.
    7. In computer programming, the practice of using always references in place of copies of equal objects is known as interning.
  • Examples of objected
    1. The shareholders objected to the stock offering as dilutive, leaving them with little or no leverage.
    2. Tony had objected that she did not want anything so "schooly," and that the very fact that Jean liked the Hostelry would be proof positive that she, Tony, would not like it.
    3. The once famous actor objected to his costar having a bigger dressing room.
    4. Many people objected to the government allowing entry to so many economic refugees.
    5. She objected to Beauchamp's intemperateness and unsparingness, as if she was for conveying a sisterly warning to Cecilia; and that being off her mind, she added, smiling a little and colouring a little: 'We learn only from men what men are.'
    6. The patron sent back the steak because he objected to its rareness.
    7. An 1890 article in The New York Times debated the ethics of tipping porters : “Tipping is objected to by austere and frugal American moralists upon the ground that it undermines the manhood and self-respect of the tippee.
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