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    1. The technogenic mineral deposit consisted of waste from the nearby mine
    2. As a chaser, consider the curatorially smart juxtaposition in the nearby Andrea Rosen Gallery: there a 1968 shaped painting by Robert Mangold and a sculpture by Richard Prince based on a 2005 car hood similarly benefit from each other’s company.
    3. Sir Gawain rode unto the nearby castle.
    4. [ … ] the Crommelyncks followed in 1963 and opened the Atélier Crommelynck in an old boulangerie in the nearby hilltop town of Mougins, [ … ]
    5. I hope I catch a fish.  He ran but we caught him at the exit.   The police caught the robber at a nearby casino. ‎
    6. When I ran out of gas, fortunately I managed to coast into a nearby gas station.
    7. An art investor in Hallandale, Fla., who died last year at 57, he stored crateloads at his apartment and nearby warehouses.
    8. the croakings of frogs from the nearby pond

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