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EN[nɪə(ɹ)] [nɪɹ] [nɛə] [-ɪə(r)]

    Examples of near in a Sentence

  • Examples of near
    1. It was brought to General Lee as he sat on his horse near the Chancellorsville House, and, unable to open it with his gauntleted hands, he passed it to me with directions to read it to him.
    2. Bars gemel, or two barrulets placed near and parallel to each other.
    3. His boss gets grouchy when deadlines draw near.
    4. The CGLE is a general model that describes the behavior of reaction-diffusion systems near onset of self-oscillations, while they remain approximately harmonical.
    5. Ever since she was placed in the gifted program, she's become so high and mighty that no one wants to be near her.
    6. Near the fourth-floor elevators, Soo Sunny Park has installed “Fractal Immersion”; viewers peer through honeycomblike openings in layers of drywall, mylar, aluminum and paper.
    7. Recently, environmental activists and local residents gathered near the small Chilean town of Cochrane to protest a plan to build a series of hydroelectrical dams.
    8. It moved through the hypocentral region of the most recent magnitude 6 Parkfield earthquakes, triggering a succession of increasingly energetic episodes of slip-induced seismicity, and culminated with near complete relaxation in that region.
    9. The bract at the base is dry and papery, often lacerate near its apex.
  • Examples of nears
    1. The ship nears the land.
  • Examples of nearer
    1. We are nearer hand to the great coal districts, and there is a tendency for the men to go there. We are nearer hand to the great mining centres than are those that Mr. Scott represented
    2. Of this we may be sure, that the most haphazard guess at the cause by the most unlettered, nowaday, will be nearer the mark-thanks to the diffusion of knowledge—than were the speculations of the learned, ages ago [ …]
    3. Objective assessment is good but defeatism will reduce our potentials even when the prospects for victory have never been nearer.
  • Examples of neared
    1. The horse broke into a gallop as they neared the barn.
  • Examples of nearing
    1. The drop which thou shakest from thy wet hand, rests not where it falls, but to-morrow thou findest it swept away; already on the wings of the North-wind, it is nearing the Tropic of Cancer.
  • Examples of nearest
    1. They also recorded the distance of each child’s home from the nearest limited-access highway and from other major nonfreeway roads.
    2. At this, the men nearest unto the door came backwards in a surge, being put in sudden fear by reason of the Thing being so near; but the bo'sun held up a hand, bidding them, in a low voice, to make no unneedful noise.
    3. We signalled to the nearest dancer, who came twirlingly over to us.
    4. In case of fire, get out by the nearest exit.
    5. A good place for watching this harried, inchoate process is the café nearest the church, whose specialty is affogato (stifled or suffocated or drowned).
    6. ... each of the marchers took his place beside the number nearest to him.
    7. I have conged with the duke, done my adieu with his nearest.
    8. The culprits were hanged from the nearest tree. ‎
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