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EN[ˈmɪəli] [ˈmɪɹli]

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    1. 1997, Kevin Starr, Endangered Dreams: The Great Depression in California page 11 - Or perhaps Hull merely rewrote Kearney's incoherent harangues, polishing their language, heightening their ferocity, after they were delivered?
    2. So, given their very challenging nature, Nippo-Vietnamese relations must be better analysed, and not merely by a simple monographic study of bilateral relations. (2008) [1]
    3. Considering some of the other offers that were made, allowing this one piece of merchandise was by no means a cash grab; this was merely Watterson putting a toe in the water.
    4. But Reitman, who also coscripted the film (with Sheldon Turner) from a novel by Walter Kirn, isn't interested in merely satirizing the existence of guys like Bingham.
    5. To this minute account we might perhaps merely answer with laconic gravity, "Suppose," for on this magic duosyllable does the whole tale of gorgeous fortune and unprecedented gullibility depend.
    6. This was a sight check, to see if he looked like some dustout or merely sounded like one.

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