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EN[ˈmæɹ.ɪd] [ˈmæɹ.id]

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    1. You have married a woman beautiful in her person, charming in her airs, prudent in her conduct, constant in her inclinations, and of a nice morality - stap my vitals!
    2. She wanted to remind my mother that in the eyes of the Church she was still a married woman and said she hoped Ma wasn't reserving herself a room in hell for the sake of one little night of whoop-de-do.
    3. If that weren’t enough, in 1993 she married Karl von Habsburg, otherwise known as Archduke Karl of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, and the couple set up home in Salzburg, producing two archduchesses and an archduke.
    4. To put food on the table, Ruth gleaned in the fields and one of the fields belonged to Boaz who noticed her and admired her. They married and Ruth bore a son, Obed. There ensues a begat-ridden genealogy and....
    5. She was the daughter of an English officer, who having fallen in love with an Indian Begum gave up home, country, and friends, and married her.
    6. I'm married to Paula, but Jackie, my bit on the side, is far more fun.
    7. He suspected it was mainly for this that he married her, to be his shield against the world’s buffetings.
    8. Notwithstanding the voluminous “co-wife” literature that Western anthropologists have used to define African marriage, “co-mother” is the preferred idiom in many African cultures for expressing the relationship amongst women married into the same family.
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