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EN[ˈmæɹ.ɪd] [ˈmæɹ.id]

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    1. "You'll be wantin' to get married bimeby, and then it'll be convenient to have some money to begin with."
    2. I have been faithfully married for the past twenty years.
    3. They agreed to jointly raise the child, even though they were no longer married.
    4. Once he is married, he will be able to claim the inheritance.
    5. Thrand answered that whereso he was, he would still be deemed a brave man, "And now it is meet for thee to settle down and get married, and I would put forth my word and help, if I but knew whereto thou lookest."
    6. She was not happily married.
    7. His daughter was married some five years ago to a tailor's apprentice.
    8. You have married a woman beautiful in her person, charming in her airs, prudent in her conduct, constant in her inclinations, and of a nice morality - stap my vitals!
    9. She wanted to remind my mother that in the eyes of the Church she was still a married woman and said she hoped Ma wasn't reserving herself a room in hell for the sake of one little night of whoop-de-do.
    10. If that weren’t enough, in 1993 she married Karl von Habsburg, otherwise known as Archduke Karl of Austria, Prince Royal of Hungary and Bohemia, and the couple set up home in Salzburg, producing two archduchesses and an archduke.
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