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  • Examples of make up
    1. Let's leave as soon I make up my face. ‎
    2. They fight a lot, but they always manage to make up. ‎
    3. I can't make up my mind whether to have ice cream or cake. ‎
    4. Piramutaba (Brachyplatystoma vaillantii) make up a second large export fishery and are found almost exclusively in the Amazon River mainstem, whitewater tributaries, and the estuary [30 –32 ].
    5. There’s an occasional schmaltziness, aggravated by the overuse of a twangy score, but more than enough moments of genuine heartbreak, joy and suspense to make up for it.
  • Examples of made up
    1. It is therefore clear that the elevatory forces which gave rise to the mountains operated subsequently to the Cretaceous epoch; and that the mountains themselves are largely made up of the materials deposited in the sea which once occupied their place.
    2. The atmosphere is made up of a number of different gases. ‎
    3. This year the installation is made up of two stainless-steel tree sculptures — “Conjoined” and “Defunct” — and a glacierlike boulder, “Erratic,” by Roxy Paine, a conceptual artist who often juxtaposes nature and modern industrialization.
    4. Physicists back then explained the durability of matter by assuming that it was made up of identical, indestructible, marblelike atoms.
    5. A water molecule is made up of two hydrogen atoms plus one of oxygen.
    6. As the colony increases, the granular character becomes more marked, until it seems to be made up of highly refractile granules, like a mass of particles of glass.
    7. And let me say: I didn't feel so good about it, watching my daughter standing there with her subculturist friends, all of whom seemed very nice even if made up like a brace of Morticias.
    8. The boards of trade and chambers of commerce were largely made up of men who, while assuming the most vaniloquent pretensions, were themselves malodorous with fraud.
  • Examples of makes up
    1. But Rik, for the legion of Cumberbitches out there, the sight of Sherlock in his sheet makes up for any plot inconsistencies!
    2. There are weight restrictions on rooftops and terraces, of course, and fiberglass is a lot lighter than tufa, the limestone rock used in alpine gardens, or the mix of cement, peat and sand that makes up hypertufa, the artificial stone used for troughs.
    3. The spartina, which grows along a sheltered cove and makes up about 15 acres of the whole parcel, is what makes Arlington Marsh so dear, said William K. Tai, director of the park's departments natural resources group.
    4. The organic matrix makes up less than 5% of the shell and is thought to be responsible for biocrystal synthesis.
    5. The blogshop model, 18, makes up for her petite 1.65m frame with her sharp features and megawatt smile.
  • Examples of making up
    1. Two to four filler leaves are laid end to end and rolled into the two halves of the binder leaves, making up what is called the bunch. ‎
    2. India is the leading exporter of guar gum, making up nearly 85 per cent of the global production.
    3. As the train was late, we passed the time looking at our fellow passengers and making up stories about them.
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