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EN[ˈmeɪdən] [-eɪdən]

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  • Examples of maiden
    1. The Alicorn. He be a winged unicorn, the finest equine flesh extant, the adoration of every fair and innocent maiden. For that steed I would give anything.
    2. For the crabby awd dealers in ling, cod, and brats / And the vurgins that tempt us wi' nice maiden skyet...
    3. In the fable, the maiden had to find a catskin coat, a coat made of catskins.
    4. Leopold himself must have envied such perfect correctitude; but what may be admirable in an elderly statesman is alarming in a maiden of nineteen.
    5. From this time be somewhat scanter of your maiden presence; set your entreatments at a higher rate than a command to parley.
    6. The manufacturer's CEO was confident enough to ride as a passenger on the airship's maiden flight.
    7. The Titanic hit an iceberg and sank on her maiden voyage.
  • Examples of maidens
    1. Here the princely hero is a nondancing cavalier amid the many swan-maidens who resemble the one with whom he is falling in love.
    2. He was surprised to see so many women workers. What did he expect, comely maidens?.
    3. The maidens of the villagery. — Shakespeare.
    4. On view from the sixth century B.C. are two small Attic representations of kourai, dressed statues of maidens, said to represent the Athenian aristocracy in rites celebrating the goddess Athena.
    5. For the sake of these "lily-handed maidens so daintily occupied," to use the editor's words, and for their sakes alone, has he waded through so many pages of dense technicalities from Actinococcus to Wormskioldia.
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