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EN[ˈlɪkwɪd] [-ɪkwɪd]

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  • Examples of liquid
    1. Ethyl tetrazone is a colourless liquid with an odour of leeks.
    2. I have to use a special washing-up liquid, because I have sensitive skin.
    3. The presses can crush out 1,800 pounds of liquid from a ton of grapes.
    4. Because hydrous silicate melts devolatilize at room pressure, our study exploits the thermodynamic and kinetic properties of the liquid-glass transition to measure the density of a hydrous silicate liquid at 1 bar (3 ).
    5. "We'll get an axe and stave in all these barrels and the liquid will all run out", threatened the man.
    6. He was obsessed with making LSD even purer than Sandoz, producing it first in powder form in gelatin capsules as well as light-blue liquid (“Mother's Milk”) that was easily recognizable when titrated onto sugar cubes.
    7. A large thermos-like container called a dewar contained 645 gallons of liquid helium to be cooled to within two degrees of absolute zero.
    8. Resin heat- product of a mixture of modified liquid anacardic and modified pine wood resin.
  • Examples of liquids
    1. Plant room floors are generally bunded and/or waterproofed to contain any leaks or spillages of liquids and fluids from faulty tanks, plant or pipe work. RIW Ltd. Waterproofing Products
    2. Dilatant or shear thickening fluids are liquids in which viscosity increases as the applied stress increases, whereas pseudoplastics or shear thinning fluids are characterized by the opposite relationship between viscosity and applied stress.
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