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EN[ˈlɛsən] [-ɛsən]

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  • Examples of lessen
    1. He also said the Guard would like to shorten the predeployment training in the United States, and do more of it in the units’ home states to lessen the burden on their soldiers, who must leave civilian jobs to serve.
    2. Many hospitals have not taken simple steps to lessen the distress and confusion which dementia sufferers' often feel on being somewhere so unfamiliar – such as making signs large and easy to read, using colour schemes to help patients find their way around unfamiliar wards and not putting family mementoes such as photographs nearby.
    3. Bubble machines sparge water for platform diving competitions to lessen the impact.
    4. But with multis, and other mana sources, you can lessen the odds of a color screw.
  • Examples of lessens
    1. It frequently happens that trees fall across one another, forming what is known as a jackpot. A number of trees may fall in a single jackpot. One of the tools with which appellant claims a bucker should be provided is an undercutter rigging. When trees are in a jackpot, the proper method of procedure is to first cut the lower tree, and then the upper one. This lessens the liability of an upper log rolling or falling upon the workman while he Is engaged in cutting the lower tree. The cut of the lower tree is ordinarily made by sawing it from the upper side, but, when its position produces a strain which pinches the saw, it is sawed from the under side by what is known as an undercut. To make an undercut, it is necessary to have some appliance to support the moving saw which is then operated teeth upward. The appliance which appellant contends Is ordinarily used is known as an undercutter rigging. Having no undercutter rigging, appellant requested respondent's foreman to provide one, complaining that his work in a jackpot of large trees without one was unsafe and dangerous.
    2. both principles are necessary to a nation,--that in proportion as the muliebrity of the one sex declines, the virility of the other also lessens
  • Examples of lessened
    1. For though it be something wonderful to tell that any should have hearts so hardened, in the midst of such a calamity, as to rob and steal, yet certain it is that all sorts of villainies, and even levities and debaucheries, were then practiced in the town as openly as ever: I will not say quite as frequently, because the number of people were many ways lessened.
  • Examples of lessening
    1. Nyctitropic movements of plants usually consist in a folding or drooping of the leaves, the advantage being in lessening the radiation of heat.
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