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    1. Lastly, the application of calorimetry proves in a sure manner that the febricitant evolves more heat than the healthy man, and that the production of heat is in direct relation with an augmentation in the chemical combustions in the organism.
    2. Lastly, powerfullest of all, least recognized of all, a Noblesse of Literature; without steel on their thigh, without gold in their purse, but with the "grand thaumaturgic faculty of Thought" in their head.
    3. Lastly, by all means keep the body warm, and remember that the more careful you are of yourself, even at the risk of being thought "old wifish," you will, humanly speaking, be enabled to enjoy the sport to a greater age than you might otherwise do.
    4. Firstly, that's illegal; secondly, it has serious disadvantages; thirdly, it's not necessary; and lastly, did I mention that it's illegal?
    5. Lastly, the looking-glass reflects Boots and Brewer, and two other stuffed Buffers interposed between the rest of the company and possible accidents.
    6. Lastly, in this suffrage, we intercede for prisoners and captives; we "remember them that are in bonds, as bound with them."
    7. Lastly, LipG1 was evaluated as an aquafeed additive for juvenile common carp (Cyprinus carpio).
    8. Lastly, plasma volume increases 50% during pregnancy resulting in a hemodiluted and hyponatremic state that under conditions of BBB disruption such as seizure may drive water into the brain due to decreased osmolality [42 ].

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