EN[lɑːst] [-ɑːst] [læst] [-æst] [last] [-ast] [ɫast]

    Examples of last in a Sentence

  • Examples of last
    1. This year's production has already outstripped last year's.
    2. Jack won the last match of blackjack; Theo overplayed.
    3. The first few shots went wonderfully, but Robin overplayed the last and lost.
    4. His uncle passed on last year.
    5. Knowing the auditors were coming in just a week, we chose to pencil whip the quarterly inventory forms for the last year.
    6. The dividends were small last year because we ploughed back most of the money to buy new machinery
    7. The dividends were small last year because we plowed back most of the money to buy new machinery
    8. They polished off the last of the cake.
  • Examples of lasts
    1. Doing careful research before purchasing big-ticket items such as electronics, appliances, and automobiles can ensure that an investment lasts for many years.
    2. A Prince-Rupert's-drop, which is a tear of unannealed glass, lasts indefinitely, if you keep it from meddling hands; but break its tail off, and it explodes and resolves itself into powder.
    3. One gallon costs about $220, covers an acre and lasts through about two mowings.
    4. In France, a presidency lasts for five years.
  • Examples of lasted
    1. His expensive tailored shirts didn't look that much better than off-the-rack, but they lasted much longer. ‎
    2. It lasted close to an hour. ‎
    3. We paid for utilities —— which included space heaters in the winter and gas tanks that lasted a month and ran out midshower, and we spent a fortune on phone cards for the pay phone down the street.
    4. She kept to her bed while the fever lasted. ‎
    5. It found that the beneficial effects of chewing gum on heartburn lasted up to three hours, “with a more profound effect in refluxers than in controls.”
    6. Danny Higginbotham was the only survivor from the weekend win over Bolton - but the Stoke captain lasted just 10 minutes before being forced off injured. That meant a reshuffle to the visitors' defence who were the busier in a lacklustre first half.
    7. The war lasted much longer than predicted.
    8. These shoes have lasted a nice long time.
    9. I don't know why he was so impressed with our previous boss; he lasted all of ten days in the position.
  • Examples of lasting
    1. a sermon lasting two mortal hours
    2. Her words made a lasting impression on my mind.
    3. This Destruction of the Tea is so bold, so daring, so firm, intrepid and inflexible, and it must have so important Consequences, and so lasting, that I cant but consider it as an Epocha in History.
    4. An ideal son is his father's lasting lust.
    5. Busy angels spread / The lasting roll, recording what we say.
    6. The lasting frost winter-killed more critters then all predation
    7. He fears the dark, so he invented a longer lasting light bulb.
    8. In other experiment, dexamethasone resulted in hyperglycemic and hypoketonemic effect lasting 4 to 6 days in ketotic cows.
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